Posted: 2014-4-17

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Interface and functionality

Nokia's fork of Android culminates in a Frankenstein of a software – elements from Windows Phone 8 and Nokia's Asha platform have been stitched to the core of Android

The Nokia X runs on a fork of Android that it chose to call the Nokia X software platform 1.1. Regardless, this is very much Android at its core, though it looks drastically different when talking about the lockscreen and the two available homescreens. These three are all nearly identical to what you get on a Windows Phone 8, and there are some Asha flashbacks too, both in terms of looks and functionality.


Internet and connectivity

Frustratingly laggy navigation equals an unpleasant browsing experience

Looking at browsing on the Nokia X, it's a mixed bag. So while load speeds are acceptable for this class, navigating around is frustrating due to laggy scrolling and panning. We felt like the Nokia X isn't a device that you'll be wanting to spend extended periods of surfing the web.

In terms of the connectivity options you get with the X, the list is pretty basic. There's Wi-Fi and A-GPS, of course, and Bluetooth 3.0 is also on board. A little disappointing, however, are the rather limited HSDPA speeds of up to 7.2 Mbit/s.

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