Microsoft patents augmented reality glasses that recognize items

Posted: August 16, 2018, 1:53 am

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Microsoft patents augmented reality glasses that recognize items
Microsoft has filed a patent application titled Wearable Behavior-Based Vision System. The patent is for a pair of augmented reality smart glasses, similar to Google Glass, that not only recognizes objects, but also predicts the behavior of them. For example, the glasses will be able to recognize a car, figure out which direction it is going, and alert the glass wearer to any possible threat that the car poses.

The glasses will also merge the real and virtual world. This means that when you play a virtual game at home while wearing them, the glasses recognize real word obstacles like a chair or a table, and show them on the screen so that you can avoid them.

The interesting thing is that this patent pretty much confirms that Microsoft is working on a competitor to Google Glass. Back in November 2012, word first slipped out that Microsoft was working on connected specs. Nearly a year later, the rumor came up again. Now, with the publication of this patent application, it would seem that the crew in Redmond is working hard on its own pair of augmented reality smart glasses.

Patent will allow smart glasses to warn the user if a car poses a threat

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