LG Optimus G gets unofficial Android L Version ROM doesnt explode after flashing

Posted: May 27, 2018, 5:45 am

Original Source: phonearena.com

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LG Optimus G gets unofficial Android L Version ROM, doesn't explode after flashing
Are you still rocking an LG Optimus G? There's no reason not to. Two years later, it still has enough power and a fine 720p display to provide for a pleasant Android experience. Maybe that's why ye olde Optimus G has become the second non-Nexus smartphone to get a working port of Android L Version. The first one is the (still really cool) HTC One (M7).

Sourced from the developer preview factory images, the Optimus G Android L Port is now at release version 11, and it's supposedly stable enough for a daily driver. But this doesn't mean it's free of issues. Right now, the camera is throwing occasional tantrums. NFC is no-go. The phone is slow to charge and prone to heating. And the Sprint Optimus G needs you to install a fix to get cell service. Yep, sounds like a ROM for the brave!

If you're feeling frisky, the download links and installation instructions are available in the source link below. And if you aren't in the know about the surprises Android L Version's developer preview has, check out our hands-on with it. There's some good stuff in there!

source: The Android Soul

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