This is what BBM for Windows Phone will look like

Posted: September 22, 2018, 8:57 am

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This is what BBM for Windows Phone will look like
BlackBerry had previously opened up the BBM messaging app for Android and iOS users. The company also promised Windows Phone users that they too, would eventually be able to download a version of the messaging app.  BBM for Windows Phone is currently available as a private beta and the only way to get the app is to be invited. But right now, the program is full, which means that you need to get on a wait list. To get on the wait list, head over to the sourcelink and sign in. Eventually, BBM for Windows Phone will be made available to all users of the platform via a simple download from the Windows Phone Store.

Images from the Windows Phone version of BBM were revealed by BlackBerry on Thursday. Right off the bat you can tell that the messaging app will be using the Windows Phone UI, instead of the BlackBerry 10 UI used on the Android and iOS variants of the app.

The Windows Phone version of the BBM app originally is limited to chats, contacts and feeds. Over the next few months, other features like BBM Voice, Channels and Location Sharing with Glympse will be added to the app via updates.

Screenshots from BBM for Windows Phone

source: BlackBerryBeta via BerryReview

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