UK consumers favor BlackBerry over Windows Phone

Posted: September 22, 2018, 8:57 am

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U.K. consumers favor BlackBerry over Windows Phone
A graph released by Kantar, shows the U.K. market share of smartphone operating systems over a ten year period from March 2004 through March 2014. What makes this chart so fascinating, is that we can look at the beginning of the graph and we know what is going to take place over the next decade. We see Windows Mobile and BlackBerry as the early leaders until iOS comes out of nowhere late in 2007, to challenge BlackBerry.

So we had a three way race open up in the U.K. between iOS, Windows Mobile and BlackBerry. But starting in 2009, Android entered into the picture. Google's open source OS started to team up with iOS to squeeze the market share belonging to Windows Mobile, and later, Windows Phone.

According to the chart, as of this past March, BlackBerry still owned a higher market share than Windows Phone in the U.K. And to make things look even worse for Microsoft's mobile OS, the graph is based on consumer data only. That means that BlackBerry 's share of the U.K. smartphone market topped the figure for Windows Phone as recently as three months ago, even without taking into consideration the phones purchased by the enterprise. The latter, of course, is BlackBerry's bread and butter.

BlackBerry has a larger share of the U.K. consumer market

source: @charlesarthur via Crackberry

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