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On Apple Unicode and

On Apple Unicode and ....

Posted: 2014-Jul-11

We have smileys built right into smartphones' on-screen keyboards. All three major platforms – .... Read More

Verizon now offers the

Verizon now offers the ....

Posted: 2014-Jul-11

Verizon has dropped the price on its exclusive Nokia Lumia Icon today, placing it in the same .... Read More

A fun easy to use

A fun easy to use ....

Posted: 2014-Jul-11

Take Creative Vocal Recorder is a brand new app for iOS by Propellerhead Software, which borrows .... Read More

How to force reset an

How to force reset an ....

Posted: 2014-Jul-11

How do you force reset or shut down a frozen phone with a fixed battery? There isn't a universal .... Read More

GameBench hits the Play

GameBench hits the Play ....

Posted: 2014-Jul-11

Leave it to a former ARM Holdings engineer to develop an "uncheatable" benchmark that lounges .... Read More

10 Qi smartphone

10 Qi smartphone ....

Posted: 2014-Jul-11

If you happen to be looking for a techy decoration for your desk that also has the practical .... Read More

LG G3 Wireless Charger

LG G3 Wireless Charger ....

Posted: 2014-Jul-11

Here we have the LG WCD-100 Qi wireless charger. This is LG's accessory that's meant to power up Qi .... Read More

Tizen loaded Samsung Z

Tizen loaded Samsung Z ....

Posted: 2014-Jul-11

Samsung has been working on its own mobile OS for a while now. Dubbed Tizen, the project is backed .... Read More

T Mobile to show off

T Mobile to show off ....

Posted: 2014-Jul-11

This year's Major League Baseball All-Star Game is being held at Target Field, home to the .... Read More

Nokia Lumia 830 concept

Nokia Lumia 830 concept ....

Posted: 2014-Jul-11

The new Lumia 830 seems to be a mid-range Windows Phone 8.1 handset. Of course, Microsoft has yet .... Read More

Report Exynos version

Report Exynos version ....

Posted: 2014-Jul-11

According to a report published on Friday, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will be available on its .... Read More

LG G3 costs only 9999

LG G3 costs only 9999 ....

Posted: 2014-Jul-11

LG's new G3 is the first Quad HD smartphone in the US, and all major American carriers are offering .... Read More

Motorola pushing out

Motorola pushing out ....

Posted: 2014-Jul-11

Motorola has posted a current look at the updates that are currently being pushed out to Motorola .... Read More

Parents accused of

Parents accused of ....

Posted: 2014-Jul-11

Look, we love games like Marvel Puzzle Quest, Clash of Clans, Candy Crush, and Plants vs Zombies 2, .... Read More

Sony Xperia Z3

Sony Xperia Z3 ....

Posted: 2014-Jul-11

It's said that Sony could announce the Xperia Z3 in September, when the Japanese smartphone maker .... Read More

HTC updates Dot View

HTC updates Dot View ....

Posted: 2014-Jul-11

HTC has updated the Dot View app that works with the Dot View case for the HTC One (M8). The update .... Read More

Sapphire glass might

Sapphire glass might ....

Posted: 2014-Jul-11

Four times harder than regular glass, phone manufacturers have been talking about using sapphire .... Read More

LG G3 in Sprint stores

LG G3 in Sprint stores ....

Posted: 2014-Jul-11

Sprint has a surprise for you today, that rivals anything that LeBron James dished out earlier .... Read More

Latest Samsung

Latest Samsung ....

Posted: 2014-Jul-11

Samsung is showcasing some of the capabilities of its Galaxy Tab S slates in two new commercials .... Read More

Google wants court to

Google wants court to ....

Posted: 2014-Jul-11

On Friday, Google asked a court to dismiss a proposed class-action suit, filed in May by two .... Read More


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