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Boxed HTC One 2014 unit

Boxed HTC One 2014 unit ....

Posted: 2014-Mar-12

As we guessed earlier today, we are back with yet another HTC One (M8)-related leak before the day .... Read More

Lebron James is upset

Lebron James is upset ....

Posted: 2014-Mar-12

The Miami Heat have lost four out of their last five games. Analysts can blame this losing spell on .... Read More

HTC One Unlocked

HTC One Unlocked ....

Posted: 2014-Mar-12

HTC dropped the price of its fully unlocked 2013 One to $499.99. The handset is offered SIM .... Read More

HTC Desire 816

HTC Desire 816 ....

Posted: 2014-Mar-12

The Desire 816 offers midrange features, but looks like a high-end HTC smartphone, obviously .... Read More

Stereophonics Xperia Z2

Stereophonics Xperia Z2 ....

Posted: 2014-Mar-10

We already saw an impromtu comparison of the stereo speakers on the HTC One and Xperia Z2, but it .... Read More

HTC One M8 leaks in a

HTC One M8 leaks in a ....

Posted: 2014-Mar-10

Half a month -- that's how much longer we'll have to wait until we see HTC's new flagship make it .... Read More

All 18 built in HTC One

All 18 built in HTC One ....

Posted: 2014-Mar-10

The HTC One M8 leaks are reaching an alarming rate, and they're becoming increasingly thorough. .... Read More

Leaked press shot of

Leaked press shot of ....

Posted: 2014-Mar-9

On Saturday, we showed you an image of a new fangled flip cover designed for the HTC One (2014). .... Read More

HTC brings out its

HTC brings out its ....

Posted: 2014-Mar-9

When it comes time to discuss the features on the camera of the new HTC One, the dialogue on the .... Read More

All New HTC One M8 to

All New HTC One M8 to ....

Posted: 2014-Mar-8

The HTC M8 Google Play Edition should appeal to those who want an unlocked smartphone without Sense .... Read More

The HTC One 2014

The HTC One 2014 ....

Posted: 2014-Mar-8

We've seen a number of leaks showing off the HTC One (2014). The most recent picture shows the .... Read More

Mystery biker that

Mystery biker that ....

Posted: 2014-Mar-6

The mysterious biker, who saved HTC CEO Peter Chou from running late to an important meeting at the .... Read More

HTC announces the

HTC announces the ....

Posted: 2014-Mar-6

HTC today officially lifted the veil off the entry-level HTC Desire 310. Just as we suspected, the .... Read More

Heres a close look at

Heres a close look at ....

Posted: 2014-Mar-5

The 2014 HTC One seems to have an improved rear camera, thanks to two sensors and a dual LED flash. .... Read More

Mystery solved HTC

Mystery solved HTC ....

Posted: 2014-Mar-5

The Chinese version of the HTC Desire 816 has Android KitKat on board, so we're assuming that .... Read More

HTC All New One HTC M8

HTC All New One HTC M8 ....

Posted: 2014-Mar-4

HTC’s “All New One”, the long rumored successor to the HTC One, has .... Read More

HTC Desire 816 has more

HTC Desire 816 has more ....

Posted: 2014-Mar-4

It looks like the new Desire 816 has a total of eight color versions, including pink and yellow. .... Read More

The all new HTC One HTC

The all new HTC One HTC ....

Posted: 2014-Mar-4

The HTC One started a new era for HTC, but it has aged and it’s time for a new flagship - the HTC .... Read More

WSJ Apple poaching HTC

WSJ Apple poaching HTC ....

Posted: 2014-Mar-3

Pressed by the 6-month refresh cycle that Android makers recently introduced, Apple has apparently .... Read More

KitKat update to HTC

KitKat update to HTC ....

Posted: 2014-Mar-3

HTC has halted the Android 4.4 KitKat update to its HTC One in the U.K. In a statement, the Taiwan .... Read More


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