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BlackBerry working on a

BlackBerry working on a ....

Posted: 2013-Oct-23

BlackBerry working on a fix for BBM for iOS; bogus reviews found on Google Play Store yesterday, 10:46 21If you .... Read More

BlackBerry OS 102

BlackBerry OS 102 ....

Posted: 2013-Oct-23

BlackBerry OS 10.2 starts global rollout; update to reach the U.S. later yesterday, 13:13 10The worldwide rollout .... Read More

BBM for Android and BBM

BBM for Android and BBM ....

Posted: 2013-Oct-21

BBM for Android and BBM for iOS to be released today 7 min ago 2About a month after the first attempt failed, .... Read More

BlackBerry defines the

BlackBerry defines the ....

Posted: 2013-Oct-20

BlackBerry defines the 'Prosumer' its largest stockholder wants it to go after yesterday, 13:16 4Prem Watsa is the .... Read More

Lenovo signs non

Lenovo signs non ....

Posted: 2013-Oct-20

Lenovo signs non-disclosure agreement in advance of BlackBerry bid; what are Lenovo's intentions? yesterday, 20:25 .... Read More

BlackBerry starts the

BlackBerry starts the ....

Posted: 2013-Oct-10

BlackBerry starts the layoff process as 300 are fired yesterday, 12:37 10Recently, BlackBerry announced that it was .... Read More

Lazaridis increases his

Lazaridis increases his ....

Posted: 2013-Oct-10

Lazaridis increases his stake in BlackBerry to 8%; bid coming? yesterday, 14:47 5Just when BlackBerry needs to look .... Read More

LG Samsung Google Intel

LG Samsung Google Intel ....

Posted: 2013-Oct-5

LG, Samsung, Google, Intel, Cisco, SAP and others interested in bidding for BlackBerry? 11 hours ago 14BlackBerry's .... Read More

Adding insult to injury

Adding insult to injury ....

Posted: 2013-Oct-4

Adding insult to injury: Canada's Rogers says "No" to BlackBerry Z30 yesterday, 13:48 30You would expect that most .... Read More

Android loses a little

Android loses a little ....

Posted: 2013-Oct-4

Android loses a little of its U.S. market share, but still owns more than half yesterday, 20:36 37Metrics firm .... Read More

Motorola moves into

Motorola moves into ....

Posted: 2013-Sep-26

Motorola moves into BlackBerry's territory 14 hours ago 18On Friday, BlackBerry said that it would be sending 4500 .... Read More

Watch Android eat

Watch Android eat ....

Posted: 2013-Sep-26

Watch Android eat BlackBerry's global smartphone marketshare in color 1 hour ago 19With BlackBerry's board already .... Read More

Jabil Circuit looks to

Jabil Circuit looks to ....

Posted: 2013-Sep-26

Jabil Circuit looks to cut ties with BlackBerry 1 min agoOn Wednesday, T-Mobile said it would no longer keep .... Read More

T Mobile pulls all

T Mobile pulls all ....

Posted: 2013-Sep-25

T-Mobile pulls all BlackBerry handsets from its stores yesterday, 18:14 33As if things aren't bad enough for .... Read More

BlackBerry Z30 hands

BlackBerry Z30 hands ....

Posted: 2013-Sep-19

BlackBerry Z30 hands-on yesterday, 23:34 9Wow! It’s about time that we’re seeing .... Read More

Nielsen says 64 of

Nielsen says 64 of ....

Posted: 2013-Sep-18

Nielsen says 64% of users in the U.S. own smartphones 2 days ago, 23:31 7The feature phone is a dying breed. .... Read More

Home court advantage

Home court advantage ....

Posted: 2013-Sep-17

Home court advantage: BlackBerry offers Canadian owners $25 of premium apps free 6 hours ago 2Perhaps Canadian .... Read More

New photo of the

New photo of the ....

Posted: 2013-Sep-16

New photo of the BlackBerry Aristo Z30 leaks, posing with the Sony Xperia Z1 yesterday, 17:20 4The BlackBerry .... Read More

BlackBerry for Android

BlackBerry for Android ....

Posted: 2013-Sep-16

BlackBerry for Android leaks, but doesn't work yesterday, 18:05 8We've been seeing various leaks about the upcoming .... Read More

Tweet reveals that

Tweet reveals that ....

Posted: 2013-Sep-16

Tweet reveals that Samsung gets 3 month exclusive on BBM, service starts Friday yesterday, 21:00 28A tweet from .... Read More


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