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Apps are easier to open

Apps are easier to open ....

Posted: 2014-Jul-12

If you want to load up one of the installed apps on your Android Wear powered smartwatch, you can .... Read More

Applebees files a

Applebees files a ....

Posted: 2014-Jul-12

Applebees is looking to become your port in the mobile technology storm. A report published on .... Read More

Did you know that some

Did you know that some ....

Posted: 2014-Jul-12

Sapphire is the new buzzword in smartphones - the material, second only to diamond in terms of .... Read More

This is what BBM for

This is what BBM for ....

Posted: 2014-Jul-11

BlackBerry had previously opened up the BBM messaging app for Android and iOS users. The company .... Read More

Samsung Apps store gets

Samsung Apps store gets ....

Posted: 2014-Jul-11

Samsung puts out crazy amounts of products, and it's branding doesn't always seem to follow .... Read More

Apple iWatch said to go

Apple iWatch said to go ....

Posted: 2014-Jul-11

“We have pushed back our estimated time of iWatch mass production from late-September to mid-/ .... Read More

Galaxy S4 Active gets

Galaxy S4 Active gets ....

Posted: 2014-Jul-11

Last year, Samsung released its first 'rugged flagship' smartphone, the Galaxy S4 Active. The phone .... Read More

Shift Work Schedule

Shift Work Schedule ....

Posted: 2014-Jul-11

Are you a shift worker that has to keep the patterns of their work-life in check? Shift Work .... Read More

Motorola makes it rain

Motorola makes it rain ....

Posted: 2014-Jul-11

Motorola is apparently reaping the benefits of its great value-for-money Android phone offerings, .... Read More

Wearable Widgets puts

Wearable Widgets puts ....

Posted: 2014-Jul-11

Has your Android Wear device shipped already? Or maybe you're still rocking a Sony SmartWatch? .... Read More

iPhone 6 rumor round up

iPhone 6 rumor round up ....

Posted: 2014-Jul-11

We're now just a few months away from the launch of Apple's long-awaited iPhone 6 refresh -- a .... Read More

Kyocera tests sapphire

Kyocera tests sapphire ....

Posted: 2014-Jul-11

A leaked testing video by Kyocera shows the Japanese electronics maker is deep into the development .... Read More

Best Android calendar

Best Android calendar ....

Posted: 2014-Jul-11

Android’s first-party selection is a treasure trove of great apps by Google, but when it comes to .... Read More

FreedomPop sets

FreedomPop sets ....

Posted: 2014-Jul-11

You might remember FreedomPop as being the Sprint MVNO that offers customers 500MB of free data .... Read More

LG G3 Prime with

LG G3 Prime with ....

Posted: 2014-Jul-11

The Korean mediascape was recently abuzz with the rumors that both Samsung and LG have something .... Read More

FuseMe is a next gen

FuseMe is a next gen ....

Posted: 2014-Jul-11

There are many chat and instant messaging apps that sport a full suite of features, like video .... Read More

How to enable Developer

How to enable Developer ....

Posted: 2014-Jul-11

The new TouchWiz UI looks cheerful at first, but just try navigating around it - you instantly feel .... Read More

How to get the Android

How to get the Android ....

Posted: 2014-Jul-11

or the not especially taxing price of rooting your smartphone and installing the Xposed Framework, .... Read More

The Apple A8 SoC in the

The Apple A8 SoC in the ....

Posted: 2014-Jul-11

Android's flagships have been breaking the 2 GHz CPU barrier for a while now, but even Apple's most .... Read More

Qualcomm drops prices

Qualcomm drops prices ....

Posted: 2014-Jul-11

Qualcomm has recently decided to lower the prices of its entry-level chipsets. Nevertheless, .... Read More


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