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IDC More than 1 billion

IDC More than 1 billion ....

Posted: 2013-Nov-28

IDC: More than 1 billion smartphones to be shipped in 2013 yesterday, 09:36 2While 2013 has just a buit more than a .... Read More

BBM Channels leaving

BBM Channels leaving ....

Posted: 2013-Nov-26

BBM Channels leaving Beta Zone behind today at 3PM EST 1 hour agoAt 3pm EST on Tuesday, the world is going to be a .... Read More

More old regime

More old regime ....

Posted: 2013-Nov-25

More old regime BlackBerry executives fired yesterday, 12:28 9BlackBerry announced on Monday that it has let go a .... Read More

BBM much more popular

BBM much more popular ....

Posted: 2013-Nov-22

BBM much more popular on iOS than Android yesterday, 17:08 14BBM for iOS was launched about a month ago, alongside .... Read More

Circle your calendar

Circle your calendar ....

Posted: 2013-Nov-22

Circle your calendar, BlackBerry to announce Q3 earnings on December 20th yesterday, 22:55 6The continuing saga of .... Read More

BlackBerry 1021 to

BlackBerry 1021 to ....

Posted: 2013-Nov-19

BlackBerry 10.2.1 to receive improved Android Runtime 6 hours ago 19BlackBerry announced several new and exciting .... Read More

BlackBerry wants your

BlackBerry wants your ....

Posted: 2013-Nov-18

BlackBerry wants your help yesterday, 10:37 15BlackBerry is looking for your help. The troubled Canadian handset .... Read More

Apple and Samsung

Apple and Samsung ....

Posted: 2013-Nov-15

Apple and Samsung together account for... 109% of industry profits 8 hours ago 29We may be sounding like a broken .... Read More

Pfizer wants its 92000

Pfizer wants its 92000 ....

Posted: 2013-Nov-15

Pfizer wants its 92,000 employees to switch from BlackBerry to the Apple iPhone or Android 1 hour ago 14The world's .... Read More

New features included

New features included ....

Posted: 2013-Nov-14

New features included with BBM for iOS and BBM for Android update yesterday, 17:10 9Early this morning, we told you .... Read More

A video hands on with

A video hands on with ....

Posted: 2013-Nov-11

A video hands-on with an early BlackBerry Z10 Porsche Design is testing the waters for this $2000+ phone yesterday, .... Read More

Latest comScore report

Latest comScore report ....

Posted: 2013-Nov-6

Latest comScore report shows iOS, Windows Phone and Samsung were the big winners in Q3 yesterday, 23:06 13The .... Read More

BlackBerry might be

BlackBerry might be ....

Posted: 2013-Nov-6

BlackBerry might be saved by the red ink it has recently spilled yesterday, 23:55 12BlackBerry has lost money in .... Read More

Thorsten Heins could

Thorsten Heins could ....

Posted: 2013-Nov-4

Thorsten Heins could make $22 million for failing BlackBerry yesterday, 13:02 9It seems like one of the more .... Read More

New CEO Chen BlackBerry

New CEO Chen BlackBerry ....

Posted: 2013-Nov-4

New CEO Chen: BlackBerry to continue making phones yesterday, 14:05 37So now that BlackBerry will not go private, .... Read More

Here we go again

Here we go again ....

Posted: 2013-Nov-1

Here we go again: Microsoft and Apple-owned company is suing Google, Samsung, HTC, LG and others 3 hours ago 81Just .... Read More

Did the BlackBerry

Did the BlackBerry ....

Posted: 2013-Nov-1

Did the BlackBerry Porsche Design P'9982 just visit the FCC? 1 hour ago 9Back in August, we showed you some Hi-Res .... Read More

Wish your Bluetooth

Wish your Bluetooth ....

Posted: 2013-Oct-29

Wish your Bluetooth speaker had more bass? The Volcano is off to change that 8 hours ago 10There are some pretty .... Read More

BBM for iOS gets update

BBM for iOS gets update ....

Posted: 2013-Oct-24

BBM for iOS gets update to fix font issue with iOS 7.0.3 3 hours ago 2On Wednesday, we told you that BBM for iOS .... Read More

Ex Apple CEO John

Ex Apple CEO John ....

Posted: 2013-Oct-24

Ex-Apple CEO John Sculley may be considering taking over BlackBerry 3 hours ago 9John Sculley was the man who took .... Read More


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