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CEO John Chen sees

CEO John Chen sees ....

Posted: 2014-Jan-11

There are many in the technology sphere who believe that BlackBerry is a terminal patient (or part .... Read More

Who watches the Watcher

Who watches the Watcher ....

Posted: 2014-Jan-9

Watcher is a freshly-updated BlackBerry 10 power-tool armed with plenty of tweaks to customize your .... Read More

BlackBerry India cuts

BlackBerry India cuts ....

Posted: 2014-Jan-6

BlackBerry India cuts the price of the entry-level, QWERTY equipped BlackBerry Q5 yesterday, 16:19 4The BlackBerry .... Read More

BlackBerry makes Keys

BlackBerry makes Keys ....

Posted: 2014-Jan-3

BlackBerry makes "Keys" change; Alicia out 5 hours ago 8One year after being hired by BlackBerry to be its "Global .... Read More

BBM Channels and Voice

BBM Channels and Voice ....

Posted: 2014-Jan-3

BBM Channels and Voice included in new BBM for Android beta 3 hours ago 1According to a published report on Friday, .... Read More

BlackBerry 7 OS to

BlackBerry 7 OS to ....

Posted: 2014-Jan-2

BlackBerry 7 OS to remain supported for nearly two more years yesterday, 11:58 13Last quarter, of the 4.3 million .... Read More

BlackBerrys Chen Were

BlackBerrys Chen Were ....

Posted: 2013-Dec-30

BlackBerry's Chen: We're still the leader in enterprise 4 hours ago 21BlackBerry CEO John Chen wrote an editorial .... Read More

Report New BlackBerry

Report New BlackBerry ....

Posted: 2013-Dec-30

Report: New BlackBerry Jakarta won't have a physical QWERTY 2 hours ago 10For all its talk about turning over a new .... Read More

Twitter for BlackBerry

Twitter for BlackBerry ....

Posted: 2013-Dec-18

Twitter for BlackBerry 10 acquires BBM integration thanks to a recent update yesterday, 09:45 1The popular social .... Read More

Select LG Android

Select LG Android ....

Posted: 2013-Dec-18

Select LG Android smartphones (starting with the G Pro Lite) will have BBM pre-installed yesterday, 09:49 6The .... Read More

Watch clips from NBC

Watch clips from NBC ....

Posted: 2013-Dec-16

Watch clips from NBC shows on the network's new app for BlackBerry 10 7 hours ago 1NBC has released an app that .... Read More

Selfiegate subject of

Selfiegate subject of ....

Posted: 2013-Dec-15

'Selfiegate' subject of parody on SNL yesterday, 12:38 5Last week, when we pointed out that a BlackBerry Z10 was .... Read More

Angry Birds Go now

Angry Birds Go now ....

Posted: 2013-Dec-11

Angry Birds Go! now available on Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry 10 2 hours ago 1Rovio's latest game, .... Read More

T Mobile is the first

T Mobile is the first ....

Posted: 2013-Dec-10

T-Mobile is the first US carrier to feature BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 in the cloud yesterday, 09:31 .... Read More

BlackBerry Z10 used for

BlackBerry Z10 used for ....

Posted: 2013-Dec-10

BlackBerry Z10 used for Head-of-State portrait at Mandela's memorial yesterday, 13:05 23We already know that .... Read More

SoundHound 12 update

SoundHound 12 update ....

Posted: 2013-Dec-4

SoundHound 1.2 update echoes through BlackBerry World 5 hours agoThe latest update to the popular song recognition .... Read More

Alpha Zero goes free

Alpha Zero goes free ....

Posted: 2013-Dec-4

Alpha Zero goes free for 24 hours on BlackBerry World 4 hours ago 1Several days ago, we informed you about .... Read More

BlackBerry shows life

BlackBerry shows life ....

Posted: 2013-Dec-3

BlackBerry shows life in mobile device management yesterday, 16:50 3While the smartphone handset business has not .... Read More

Get the BlackBerry

Get the BlackBerry ....

Posted: 2013-Dec-3

Get the BlackBerry Porsche Design P'9982 clock on your BlackBerry Z10 yesterday, 21:48 6Like the design of the .... Read More

BlackBerry announces 25

BlackBerry announces 25 ....

Posted: 2013-Nov-29

BlackBerry announces 25 Days of Gifts giveaway; promotion starts December 1st 3 hours ago 2BlackBerry might be .... Read More


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