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Is Ubuntu for Android

Is Ubuntu for Android ....

Posted: 2012-Dec-31

Is Ubuntu for Android launching on January 2nd? yesterday, 15:55 4Canonical has announced that an "all-new Ubuntu .... Read More

Apple patents the

Apple patents the ....

Posted: 2012-Dec-31

Apple patents the Active Stylus for iOS yesterday, 19:38 73Ever since the introduction of the first Apple iPhone in .... Read More

Huawei Ascend Mate

Huawei Ascend Mate ....

Posted: 2012-Dec-31

Huawei Ascend Mate, Huawei Ascend W1 and Huawei Ascend D2 caught on film before CES 2013 yesterday, 21:32 1The .... Read More

Video Open webOS is

Video Open webOS is ....

Posted: 2012-Dec-31

Video: Open webOS is running pretty smoothly on a Google Nexus 7 yesterday, 22:08 17The gang at WebOS Ports has .... Read More

Deleted data caused

Deleted data caused ....

Posted: 2012-Dec-31

Deleted data caused last week's Netflix outage yesterday, 23:55 1The Netflix outage that affected a large number of .... Read More

Improve the battery

Improve the battery ....

Posted: 2012-Dec-30

Improve the battery life on your Apple iPhone 5 or Apple iPhone 4S with this app 3 days ago, 00:05 13The battery on .... Read More

Pictures of the new

Pictures of the new ....

Posted: 2012-Dec-30

Pictures of the new BlackBerry X10, with a physical QWERTY, appear 3 days ago, 01:19 22On Saturday, we showed you .... Read More

Samsung building four

Samsung building four ....

Posted: 2012-Dec-30

Samsung building four new offices in the San Francisco Bay area 3 days ago, 01:35 10In what represents a serious .... Read More

US Cellulars Samsung

US Cellulars Samsung ....

Posted: 2012-Dec-30

US Cellular’s Samsung Galaxy Note II gets the multi-window upgrade 3 days ago, .... Read More

Is the Sony Xperia X a

Is the Sony Xperia X a ....

Posted: 2012-Dec-30

Is the Sony Xperia X a dual SIM version of the Sony Xperia Z? 3 days ago, 03:19 12Sony will be introducing the Sony .... Read More

Spigen iPhone 5 Slim

Spigen iPhone 5 Slim ....

Posted: 2012-Dec-30

Spigen iPhone 5 Slim Armor Cases hands-on 3 days ago, 12:31 42Before getting down and dirty with the details, we .... Read More

Nokia Lumia 920 soon to

Nokia Lumia 920 soon to ....

Posted: 2012-Dec-30

Nokia Lumia 920 soon to arrive in India according to new T.V. commercial 3 days ago, 12:43 63A new television .... Read More

Remember that black

Remember that black ....

Posted: 2012-Dec-30

Remember that black Samsung GALAXY Note II? Forget it 2 days ago, 13:50 19A picture that was allegedly a press .... Read More

SpareOne Emergency

SpareOne Emergency ....

Posted: 2012-Dec-30

SpareOne Emergency Phone hands-on 2 days ago, 15:09 4Going one step further, the SpareOne is back again just in .... Read More

Mystery BlackBerry 10

Mystery BlackBerry 10 ....

Posted: 2012-Dec-30

Mystery BlackBerry 10 device with AT&T LTE visits FCC 2 days ago, 15:31 8An unnamed BlackBerry 10 model with the .... Read More

Ballistic iPhone 5

Ballistic iPhone 5 ....

Posted: 2012-Dec-30

Ballistic iPhone 5 Smooth Series Case hands-on 2 days ago, 15:53 25At its core, the Ballistic Smooth Series Case .... Read More

RIM sells NewBay for a

RIM sells NewBay for a ....

Posted: 2012-Dec-30

RIM sells NewBay for a loss to make some quick cash 2 days ago, 16:45 12It's unclear exactly why RIM wants to pull .... Read More

Foursquare changes

Foursquare changes ....

Posted: 2012-Dec-30

Foursquare changes privacy policy, but it shouldn't cause a ruckus 2 days ago, 16:49An email sent out to Foursquare .... Read More

Watch as an Apple

Watch as an Apple ....

Posted: 2012-Dec-30

Watch as an Apple iPhone makes it through an elephant's digestive system 2 days ago, 23:01 40If you ever have your .... Read More

Samsung Galaxy S III

Samsung Galaxy S III ....

Posted: 2012-Dec-30

Samsung Galaxy S III mini now ships with Android 4.1.2 in Asia 2 days ago, 23:50 3The Samsung Galaxy S III mini .... Read More


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