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Beyond LTE Part 2 From

Beyond LTE Part 2 From ....

Posted: 2013-Jan-3

Beyond LTE (Part 2): From AMPS to LTE 11 hours ago 7In the first part of our Beyond LTE series, we told you about .... Read More

Nexus 4 sales merely

Nexus 4 sales merely ....

Posted: 2013-Jan-3

Nexus 4 sales merely 375,000, say number-crunching enthusiasts 11 hours ago 52Since its chaotic launch nearly two .... Read More

Sony C5303 HuaShan gets

Sony C5303 HuaShan gets ....

Posted: 2013-Jan-3

Sony C5303 HuaShan gets benchmarked on its way to China 11 hours ago 5Although the Sony Xperia Z and its rumored .... Read More

Safari the dominant

Safari the dominant ....

Posted: 2013-Jan-3

Safari the dominant mobile browser in 2012, IE tops for the desktop 10 hours ago 29Safari and Internet Explorer .... Read More

Oh no There may not be

Oh no There may not be ....

Posted: 2013-Jan-3

Oh, no! There may not be enough 1080p displays this year 9 hours ago 26Sad news for all of us pixel density lovers: .... Read More

Sprint As You Go pre

Sprint As You Go pre ....

Posted: 2013-Jan-3

Sprint As You Go pre-paid service to be announced on January 25 9 hours ago 11On January 25, Sprint will introduce .... Read More

Be ready for disaster

Be ready for disaster ....

Posted: 2013-Jan-3

Be ready for disaster with a 55,000mAh portable Zinc-air charger 9 hours ago 7Anyone who has been without power, .... Read More

35 HTC codenames leak

35 HTC codenames leak ....

Posted: 2013-Jan-3

35 HTC codenames leak, let the speculation begin! 9 hours ago 29Oh, my, not a good day for HTC! A list of 35 .... Read More

T Mobile to get new

T Mobile to get new ....

Posted: 2013-Jan-3

T-Mobile to get new Nexus 4 stock this month 8 hours ago 7Yes, yes, yes, yes... yes! Another 500 units of the Nexus .... Read More

Best new Android iPhone

Best new Android iPhone ....

Posted: 2013-Jan-3

Best new Android, iPhone and iPad apps for December 2012 7 hours ago 9Best news of the year is that for smartphones .... Read More

LG Optimus G2 flagship

LG Optimus G2 flagship ....

Posted: 2013-Jan-3

LG Optimus G2 flagship may get announced at CES 2013 7 hours ago 21Although not very probable, there's still a .... Read More

T Mobile announces the

T Mobile announces the ....

Posted: 2013-Jan-3

T-Mobile announces the affordable Curve 9315 6 hours ago 7T-Mobile has announced the most affordable BlackBerry in .... Read More

Samsung confirms it

Samsung confirms it ....

Posted: 2013-Jan-3

Samsung confirms it will release “competitive Tizen .... Read More

BlackBerry Z10 pictured

BlackBerry Z10 pictured ....

Posted: 2013-Jan-3

BlackBerry Z10 pictured wearing Verizon branding 4 hours ago 36Up until now, all of the leaked photographs we've .... Read More

Skype for Windows Phone

Skype for Windows Phone ....

Posted: 2013-Jan-3

Skype for Windows Phone 8 update forces Microsoft to shut People Hub integration 3 hours ago 2Concern about "device .... Read More

Apple looking at Waze

Apple looking at Waze ....

Posted: 2013-Jan-3

Apple looking at "Waze" to improve Apple Maps 2 hours ago 21Apple is said to be in negotiations to purchase Waze, a .... Read More

Angry Birds downloaded

Angry Birds downloaded ....

Posted: 2013-Jan-3

Angry Birds downloaded 8 million times on Christmas Day 1 hour ago 2Exactly one year ago today, we told you that .... Read More

Facebook adds voice

Facebook adds voice ....

Posted: 2013-Jan-3

Facebook adds voice messages to Messenger app, and tests free voice calls in Canada 1 min agoFacebook may not be .... Read More

Samsung We will ship

Samsung We will ship ....

Posted: 2013-Jan-2

Samsung: We will ship 510 million handsets in 2013 yesterday, 03:47 18Korean tech titan Samsung said that it will .... Read More

Nokia will limit access

Nokia will limit access ....

Posted: 2013-Jan-2

Nokia will limit access to software updates via NaviFirm yesterday, 03:52 6Long-time Nokia enthusiasts are probably .... Read More


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