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BlackBerry Z10 and

BlackBerry Z10 and ....

Posted: 2013-Jan-4

BlackBerry Z10 and BlackBerry X10 parts show up online 3 hours agoA company called ETrade Supply is offering parts .... Read More

Specifications for the

Specifications for the ....

Posted: 2013-Jan-3

Specifications for the Samsung ATIV Odyssey Windows Phone for Verizon leak yesterday, 16:19 15As we expected, the .... Read More

Samsung owns US handset

Samsung owns US handset ....

Posted: 2013-Jan-3

Samsung owns U.S. handset market with 26.9% market share yesterday, 16:50 28The latest comScore stats show Samsung .... Read More

Corning announces

Corning announces ....

Posted: 2013-Jan-3

Corning announces Gorilla Glass 3 yesterday, 17:09 17The major manufacturers update their flagship devices every .... Read More

Android 4x now almost

Android 4x now almost ....

Posted: 2013-Jan-3

Android 4.x now almost 40% of the ecosystem yesterday, 17:36 22It's that time of the month where Google updates the .... Read More

Apple purchase of Waze

Apple purchase of Waze ....

Posted: 2013-Jan-3

Apple purchase of Waze already debunked yesterday, 18:24 6We heard earlier today that Apple might be in the mood to .... Read More

Googler shows off

Googler shows off ....

Posted: 2013-Jan-3

Googler shows off slightly deranged original Android mascot yesterday, 18:39 13The lovable green robot that we all .... Read More

The Google Nexus 7 is

The Google Nexus 7 is ....

Posted: 2013-Jan-3

The Google Nexus 7 is back on sale at Google Play Store yesterday, 19:10 7A day after the Google Nexus 10 went back .... Read More

Polaroid introduces kid

Polaroid introduces kid ....

Posted: 2013-Jan-3

Polaroid introduces kid friendly 7 inch Android tablet yesterday, 19:47 7Polaroid has jumped into the 7 inch .... Read More

Ashton Kutcher flick

Ashton Kutcher flick ....

Posted: 2013-Jan-3

Ashton Kutcher flick jOBS coming to a theater near you in April yesterday, 21:25 7The Ashton Kutcher film jOBS, .... Read More

Watch the full Ubuntu

Watch the full Ubuntu ....

Posted: 2013-Jan-3

Watch the full Ubuntu phone keynote yesterday, 21:50 16We tried our best to cover the announcement of the Ubuntu .... Read More

Nokias new high end

Nokias new high end ....

Posted: 2013-Jan-3

Nokia's new high-end model to be aluminum? yesterday, 22:26 62Nokia is apparently working on its next high-end .... Read More

Strategy Analytics

Strategy Analytics ....

Posted: 2013-Jan-3

Strategy Analytics expects Samsung to make Apple eat more of its dust in 2013 yesterday, 23:16 33Strategy Analytics .... Read More

Apple says iOS 6s Do

Apple says iOS 6s Do ....

Posted: 2013-Jan-3

Apple says iOS 6's "Do Not Disturb" bug will fix itself next week 14 hours ago 27Starting on New Years Day, iOS 6 .... Read More

8 out of top 10 paid

8 out of top 10 paid ....

Posted: 2013-Jan-3

8 out of top 10 paid apps for iOS are at least a year old, Android is somewhat better 14 hours ago 22It really .... Read More

Analyst Businesses buy

Analyst Businesses buy ....

Posted: 2013-Jan-3

Analyst: Businesses buy 3 to 4 million Apple iPhone 5 units in the current quarter 13 hours agoTrip Chowdhry, a .... Read More

Microsoft says Google

Microsoft says Google ....

Posted: 2013-Jan-3

Microsoft says Google is blocking development of official YouTube app for Windows Phone 13 hours ago 96In a new .... Read More

Sony Xperia Z price

Sony Xperia Z price ....

Posted: 2013-Jan-3

Sony Xperia Z price revealed 12 hours ago 35The Sony Xperia Z, formerly known only by its "Yuga" codename, might .... Read More

Cycloramic takes a 360

Cycloramic takes a 360 ....

Posted: 2013-Jan-3

Cycloramic takes a 360-degree video shot with your iPhone 5 automatically 11 hours ago 15iOS 6 brought panoramic .... Read More

Global IT spending will

Global IT spending will ....

Posted: 2013-Jan-3

Global IT spending will grow in 2013, but devices spending growth pushed down by cheap Android tablets 11 hours ago .... Read More


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