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Evernote releases a

Evernote releases a ....

Posted: 2014-Mar-21

Evernote for Android just got better, as the popular cross-platform note-taking app has just been .... Read More

The White House is

The White House is ....

Posted: 2014-Mar-20

It seems like 80% of the news that we get about BlackBerry these days is bad news for the company, .... Read More

BlackBerry lets go 120

BlackBerry lets go 120 ....

Posted: 2014-Mar-18

Although BlackBerry fans are happy with how CEO John Chen has been handling the company, the same .... Read More

Samsung and Apple

Samsung and Apple ....

Posted: 2014-Mar-18

According to Horace Dediu, a mobile market analyst that is familiar with Apple's financial .... Read More

WhatsApp Doc Update to

WhatsApp Doc Update to ....

Posted: 2014-Mar-12

With BBM now available for iOS and Android, and a Windows Phone version apparently on the way, .... Read More

The government official

The government official ....

Posted: 2014-Mar-10

Who knew that one day we'd be able to buy the kind of secure phone that only spies from movies and .... Read More

BlackBerry sells its US

BlackBerry sells its US ....

Posted: 2014-Mar-10

While the financial particulars were not disclosed, BlackBerry has sold the buildings that make up .... Read More

New YouTube ad shows

New YouTube ad shows ....

Posted: 2014-Mar-9

Dave Hopkinson is the CCO of Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment, and yes, that is the company that .... Read More

Use your phone to

Use your phone to ....

Posted: 2014-Mar-9

A rather cheesy video produced by Tumblr reveals the social media site's new technology that seems .... Read More

BlackBerry sales double

BlackBerry sales double ....

Posted: 2014-Mar-9

BlackBerry CEO John Chen recently sat down with The Grey Lady (The New York Times) for a wide .... Read More

Chen calls Apple iPhone

Chen calls Apple iPhone ....

Posted: 2014-Mar-8

BlackBerry CEO John Chen seems like a fearless sort. It takes someone who has been battle scarred .... Read More

BlackBerry testing ads

BlackBerry testing ads ....

Posted: 2014-Mar-4

Don't say that we didn't warn you. From the moment that BlackBerry CEO John Chen said that BBM .... Read More

BlackBerry World apps

BlackBerry World apps ....

Posted: 2014-Mar-3

Here's an interesting little tidbit for developers with apps in BlackBerry World for the flagship .... Read More

T Mobile says it has

T Mobile says it has ....

Posted: 2014-Mar-3

A tweet from T-Mobile CMO Mike Sievert reveals that the nation's fourth largest carrier has had 15 .... Read More

John Legere elegantly

John Legere elegantly ....

Posted: 2014-Feb-20

John Legere did not remain idle and addressed the CEO of the Canadian manufacturer in a rather .... Read More

All angles of the

All angles of the ....

Posted: 2014-Feb-17

The only thing BlackBerry about the BlackBerry Jakarta is the BlackBerry 10 OS running the show, .... Read More

BlackBerry pushes out

BlackBerry pushes out ....

Posted: 2014-Feb-13

Today is a big day for BBM users regardless of which platform they use. BBM for BlackBerry 10, iOS .... Read More

BlackBerrys 64 bit octa

BlackBerrys 64 bit octa ....

Posted: 2014-Feb-13

Recently, we heard that BlackBerry is working on a new flagship device that will feature a 64-bit .... Read More

64 bit octa core

64 bit octa core ....

Posted: 2014-Feb-10

On Sunday, we told you about a new BlackBerry handset found on the Geekbench benchmark site. .... Read More

Typo fights back says

Typo fights back says ....

Posted: 2014-Feb-6

Now that BlackBerry and Typo will be seeing each other in court, Typo has some unflattering words .... Read More


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