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Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 ....

Posted: 2014-Jul-21

The Galaxy Note 4 is expected to get officially unveiled in just around a month at IFA in .... Read More

Watch Joe Rogan go all

Watch Joe Rogan go all ....

Posted: 2014-Jul-21

It's been a weird iPhone leaks season so far. We've never had so many claimed dummies, prototypes, .... Read More

HTC roadmap for 2014

HTC roadmap for 2014 ....

Posted: 2014-Jul-21

HTC’s roadmap for the fall includes a mysterious ‘selfie phone’, an .... Read More

AT Ts LG G3 supports

AT Ts LG G3 supports ....

Posted: 2014-Jul-21

So, the LG G3 is now available for purchase from all major carriers in the US. Unfortunately, users .... Read More

7 iPhone   iPad games

7 iPhone iPad games ....

Posted: 2014-Jul-21

People with young children often say that their wonderful kids, although brilliant and absolutely .... Read More

Unlocked international

Unlocked international ....

Posted: 2014-Jul-21

A tweet from HTC's Vice President of Management, Mo Versi, reveals that the unlocked HTC One (M8) .... Read More

70 of developers target

70 of developers target ....

Posted: 2014-Jul-21

There isn't really any data to support the idea, but if you ask an Android user, they'll probably .... Read More

Motorola may launch new

Motorola may launch new ....

Posted: 2014-Jul-21

The original Motorola Droid Maxx is now almost one year old - just like the original Droid Mini. .... Read More

The Apple logo on the

The Apple logo on the ....

Posted: 2014-Jul-21

We've seen plenty of leaks that have given us the general idea of what to expect in terms of the .... Read More

New value priced Huawei

New value priced Huawei ....

Posted: 2014-Jul-21

A new Huawei Honor smartphone, code named the Hol-T00, has been certified by TENNA, China's version .... Read More

Starbucks is turning

Starbucks is turning ....

Posted: 2014-Jul-20

Back in March, Starbucks hinted that it might soon start accepting drink and food orders from its .... Read More

How to manage and

How to manage and ....

Posted: 2014-Jul-20

Mobile data – we just can't get enough of it. Too bad that few of us get to enjoy mobile gigabytes .... Read More

Score 10 in iOS paid

Score 10 in iOS paid ....

Posted: 2014-Jul-20

Looking for a bargain on some apps for your iOS device? Of course you are! Tonight we have five .... Read More

10 USB flash drives

10 USB flash drives ....

Posted: 2014-Jul-20

USB flash drives are awesome, we hope you'll agree with that. They are cheap, tiny, lightweight, .... Read More

How to protect your

How to protect your ....

Posted: 2014-Jul-20

While we all hope that we never lose our smartphone or tablet, this can happen to anyone. .... Read More

Did you know 5

Did you know 5 ....

Posted: 2014-Jul-20

Google unveiled its brand new version of Android at Google I/O nearly a month ago, and that makes .... Read More

Xiaomi Mi4 poses for

Xiaomi Mi4 poses for ....

Posted: 2014-Jul-20

Freshly leaked pictures of the Xiaomi Mi4, just days away from its July 22nd introduction, still do .... Read More

Cortana Developer

Cortana Developer ....

Posted: 2014-Jul-20

A tweet sent by Cortana's program manager, Marcus Ash, reveals that inside of two weeks, a .... Read More

14 plus one most

14 plus one most ....

Posted: 2014-Jul-20

The glass of 2014 smartphones is already half full (or half empty, if you’re a pessimist), but .... Read More

When Microsofts job

When Microsofts job ....

Posted: 2014-Jul-20

For all intents and purposes, the job cuts announced this past week by Microsoft should not have .... Read More


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