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Chen No wearables from

Chen No wearables from ....

Posted: 2014-May-13

Earlier on Tuesday, we told you about the official launch in Indonesia of the BlackBerry Z3. During .... Read More

BlackBerry opens up

BlackBerry opens up ....

Posted: 2014-May-13

BlackBerry announced today that it is opening up the BlackBerry 10 OS, to work on competing MDM .... Read More

BlackBerry to sell its

BlackBerry to sell its ....

Posted: 2014-May-5

BlackBerry announced that Spear Street Capital, LLC has agreed to purchase the phone-maker's .... Read More

South Park stickers

South Park stickers ....

Posted: 2014-May-2

As you probably know, BlackBerry's CEO John Chen has made it a mission to increase the value of .... Read More

BlackBerry Z3 pre order

BlackBerry Z3 pre order ....

Posted: 2014-Apr-28

As we told you on Sunday, the BlackBerry Z3 is now available to be pre-ordered in Indonesia. .... Read More

BlackBerry 1021 gets

BlackBerry 1021 gets ....

Posted: 2014-Apr-16

On Wednesday, AT&T started pushing out BlackBerry 10.2.1 for its customers with the BlackBerry Z10 .... Read More

Would you buy a

Would you buy a ....

Posted: 2014-Apr-9

Although a lot of people pronounce BlackBerry dead, the struggling Canadian manufacturer is still .... Read More

Nokia shows you how to

Nokia shows you how to ....

Posted: 2014-Apr-9

Face it, switching between devices, particularly when it is across operating systems, feels like it .... Read More

BlackBerry CEO Chen

BlackBerry CEO Chen ....

Posted: 2014-Apr-9

If BlackBerry continues to bleed red ink from the handset business, the company's CEO said on .... Read More

Better late than never

Better late than never ....

Posted: 2014-Apr-7

Last month, Verizon and T-Mobile subscribers with a BlackBerry 10 device, received the update to .... Read More

BlackBerry fans here

BlackBerry fans here ....

Posted: 2014-Apr-7

The new hands-on photos confirm, once more, that the Foxconn-produced BlackBerry Z3 is a .... Read More

John Chen speaks We are

John Chen speaks We are ....

Posted: 2014-Mar-31

BlackBerry won't go without a fight. This was declared by its CEO, John Chen, in a recent interview .... Read More

BlackBerry Z10 sells

BlackBerry Z10 sells ....

Posted: 2014-Mar-31

BlackBerry is still a big deal in some parts of the world. In India, it took only three days for .... Read More

BlackBerry World turns

BlackBerry World turns ....

Posted: 2014-Mar-31

While it is BlackBerry World that is celebrating its fifth birthday today, the presents will be .... Read More

CEO Chen says

CEO Chen says ....

Posted: 2014-Mar-28

Three new high-end BlackBerry models are on the way, according to the Canadian manufacturer's CEO, .... Read More

BlackBerry balances the

BlackBerry balances the ....

Posted: 2014-Mar-28

The hard times for BlackBerry continue, yet there seems to be light at the end of the tunnel. The .... Read More

BBM sees an increase in

BBM sees an increase in ....

Posted: 2014-Mar-28

BlackBerry announced its latest quarterly earnings report today, and overall it was something of a .... Read More

A third of Apple iPhone

A third of Apple iPhone ....

Posted: 2014-Mar-27

How badly do Apple iPhone owners want a model with a larger screen? According to a survey done by .... Read More

BlackBerry Windermere

BlackBerry Windermere ....

Posted: 2014-Mar-26

A BlackBerry user has discovered that said keyboard will support some familiar touch-screen .... Read More

BlackBerry says MDM

BlackBerry says MDM ....

Posted: 2014-Mar-21

Besides messaging app BBM, BlackBerry has another potential crown jewel in BES 10. The Mobile .... Read More


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