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How to protect your

How to protect your ....

Posted: 2014-Jul-20

While we all hope that we never lose our smartphone or tablet, this can happen to anyone. .... Read More

Lenovo says it will

Lenovo says it will ....

Posted: 2014-Jul-19

On Friday, we told you that it appeared as though Lenovo had stopped selling small screened Windows .... Read More

MS Surface Pro 3 gets

MS Surface Pro 3 gets ....

Posted: 2014-Jul-17

Microsoft, being a good sport about its latest products, heard users' woes and promised a fix, .... Read More

Exynos laden Galaxy Tab

Exynos laden Galaxy Tab ....

Posted: 2014-Jul-17

The new Galaxy Tab S series gave birth to some of the thinnest tablets in the world - the 0.26" .... Read More

This HTC made Google

This HTC made Google ....

Posted: 2014-Jul-16

At the moment, only Google knows if it's going to launch a Nexus 8 tablet. However, if it will, it .... Read More

LG G Pad 70 LTE to be

LG G Pad 70 LTE to be ....

Posted: 2014-Jul-16

While AT&T hasn't confirmed the launch of the G Pad 7.0, a leaked image is showing LG's new tablet .... Read More

Yeah Yeah Yeah Five

Yeah Yeah Yeah Five ....

Posted: 2014-Jul-16

Apple co-founder Steve Jobs was such a big fan of the Beatles, that he would have been happy to .... Read More

Latest Samsung

Latest Samsung ....

Posted: 2014-Jul-11

Samsung is showcasing some of the capabilities of its Galaxy Tab S slates in two new commercials .... Read More

HPs new Slate 7

HPs new Slate 7 ....

Posted: 2014-Jul-10

It looks like it's easier for HP to just take already-made tablets and puts its logo on them, .... Read More

Nexus 8 tablet

Nexus 8 tablet ....

Posted: 2014-Jul-7

We seem to have evidence confirming the existence of a Google Nexus 8 tablet. References to the .... Read More

LG announces worldwide

LG announces worldwide ....

Posted: 2014-Jul-7

LG today revealed that the largest member of the G Pad tablet family, the G Pad 10.1, is now .... Read More

Android to grow its

Android to grow its ....

Posted: 2014-Jul-7

Android will extend its commanding hold of the mobile market in 2015, as the traditional PC .... Read More

Microsoft Surface mini

Microsoft Surface mini ....

Posted: 2014-Jul-7

Microsoft has allegedly resumed production of the Surface mini tablet that it had reportedly .... Read More

Going on an

Going on an ....

Posted: 2014-Jul-6

Security agencies at airports which serve as hubs to direct flights to the United States are being .... Read More

First camera samples

First camera samples ....

Posted: 2014-Jul-2

After many months of mysterious sightings and ceaseless rumors, Chinese Xiaomi, which just .... Read More

Marketing win

Marketing win ....

Posted: 2014-Jul-2

Adding confusion to its already very crowded tablet lineup, Samsung released the Galaxy Tab S 10.5 .... Read More

The era of inaccurate

The era of inaccurate ....

Posted: 2014-Jul-2

To this day, AMOLED screens, mostly known from Samsung's flagship phones, have been the subject of .... Read More

89 inch HTC Volantis

89 inch HTC Volantis ....

Posted: 2014-Jul-2

If all the rumors are true, the HTC Volantis is shaping up to be a killer high-end Android tablet. .... Read More

NVIDIA to produce K1

NVIDIA to produce K1 ....

Posted: 2014-Jul-2

According to a filing with the Global Certification Forum, the next NVIDIA SHIELD won't be a .... Read More

CyanogenMod based

CyanogenMod based ....

Posted: 2014-Jul-2

While still having troubles with the launch of its One smartphone, OnePlus might be getting ready .... Read More


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