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Samsung Galaxy F S5

Samsung Galaxy F S5 ....

Posted: 2014-Jul-21

Samsung seems to be preparing to break new ground: that of ‘premium’ metal .... Read More

Latest rumored Xiaomi

Latest rumored Xiaomi ....

Posted: 2014-Jul-21

Earlier today, we cleared up one question involving the Xiaomi Mi4. A company VP admitted that the .... Read More

Alleged image and specs

Alleged image and specs ....

Posted: 2014-Jul-21

Spanish website Mellando no Android claims to have an insider scoop on the upcoming Moto G refresh, .... Read More

Tapet is an app that

Tapet is an app that ....

Posted: 2014-Jul-21

Tapet, a word for an actual "wallpaper" that's still in use in some European countries, is a .... Read More

Free Polaris Office

Free Polaris Office ....

Posted: 2014-Jul-21

POLARIS Office, the free office alternative that offers outstanding Microsoft Office compatibility, .... Read More

Gameloft releases an

Gameloft releases an ....

Posted: 2014-Jul-21

The upcoming fifth installment of Gameloft's mobile FPS game series, Modern Combat 5: Blackout, is .... Read More

Poll Which Android

Poll Which Android ....

Posted: 2014-Jul-21

It's safe to say that whatever you think it is you mostly engage in with your Android smartphone, .... Read More

How to remove sticker

How to remove sticker ....

Posted: 2014-Jul-21

If you are an avid user of either Facebook Messenger, Viber, or Line, then chances are that you .... Read More

Twitter wars LG says

Twitter wars LG says ....

Posted: 2014-Jul-21

It seems that LG is a bit too excited about its G3, so much that it forgets other companies .... Read More

Poll results Which

Poll results Which ....

Posted: 2014-Jul-21

Needless to say, not everybody is satisfied with TouchWiz, Sense, Optimus, Xperia, Emotion, Vibe, .... Read More

LG G3 Prime with

LG G3 Prime with ....

Posted: 2014-Jul-21

According to South Korean Naver, the LG G3 'Prime" is closer than we initially thought, and is due .... Read More

Xperia Z2 receiving

Xperia Z2 receiving ....

Posted: 2014-Jul-21

Sony is rolling out an update for the Xperia Z2, which, most notably, is supposed to improve the .... Read More

Parrots new mini drones

Parrots new mini drones ....

Posted: 2014-Jul-21

Drone fans have a reason to be happy, as famous manufacturer Parrot is about to launch two .... Read More

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 ....

Posted: 2014-Jul-21

The Galaxy Note 4 is expected to get officially unveiled in just around a month at IFA in .... Read More

HTC roadmap for 2014

HTC roadmap for 2014 ....

Posted: 2014-Jul-21

HTC’s roadmap for the fall includes a mysterious ‘selfie phone’, an .... Read More

AT Ts LG G3 supports

AT Ts LG G3 supports ....

Posted: 2014-Jul-21

So, the LG G3 is now available for purchase from all major carriers in the US. Unfortunately, users .... Read More

Unlocked international

Unlocked international ....

Posted: 2014-Jul-21

A tweet from HTC's Vice President of Management, Mo Versi, reveals that the unlocked HTC One (M8) .... Read More

70 of developers target

70 of developers target ....

Posted: 2014-Jul-21

There isn't really any data to support the idea, but if you ask an Android user, they'll probably .... Read More

Motorola may launch new

Motorola may launch new ....

Posted: 2014-Jul-21

The original Motorola Droid Maxx is now almost one year old - just like the original Droid Mini. .... Read More

New value priced Huawei

New value priced Huawei ....

Posted: 2014-Jul-21

A new Huawei Honor smartphone, code named the Hol-T00, has been certified by TENNA, China's version .... Read More


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